All Square for Business / FAQs
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1. Getting started

How to claim your listing?

If you are authorized to be the rightful manager of your golf club on All Square, you can claim your listing using the following link

How to get access to your Dashboard on All Square?

To access your Dashboard on All Square, you have to create your personal user account first. Without a personal user account you will not be able to log in to All Square. If you already have created one, you can log in on with your email address and password. Make sure you're using the correct email address.

Once you have created your personal user account, we will give you the administrator rights which will allow you to access to your Dashboard.

To access your Dashboard, please log in with your personal user account, open the dropdown menu on the top right-hand side of your screen and click on “Dashboard”.

Is my personal user account linked to my Dashboard?

With All Square, golf course managers have to use their personal accounts to manage their Dashboard. Once you are on your Dashboard you are acting as a golf club and not as a private person.

How can I switch from my personal account to my Dashboard and vice vers?

When you log in to All Square with your email address and your password you will be acting as a private person. To switch to your Dashboard, open the dropdown menu on the top right-hand side of your screen and click on “Dashboard”. Once on your Dashboard you will be acting as a golf club.

To get back to your personal account, click on the All Square logo on the top left-hand side of your screen. Now you will be acting as a private person again.

How do I change the password for my Dashboard?

The password of your Dashboard is the same as your personal account. So you will have to change your personal password in your settings. Go to your personal account settings using the dropdown menu on the top right-hand side of your screen:

  • Click on the “Account Settings” tab
  • Type your new password, and type your new password again to make sure both match
  • Then click on “Update password”
  • If you have forgotten your password and cannot log in to your account, you can also reset it by clicking on “Forgot your password”. If you are not receiving the password reset email, please check your spam folder in case the message has ended up there.

If you are certain the password-reset email did not go through and you are having trouble accessing your account, please reach out to our team by sending an email to info[at]

Can I add administrators to my Dashboard?

Yes, you can add other administrators to help manage your listing.

To do so, click on the “Members” section in the sidebar of your Dashboard to see the full list of your members. Select the person you want to add as an administrator by checking the box next to his/her name. Make sure to choose reliable people to edit, manage and promote your listing.

How did my course information end up on All Square?

We license basic business information from third-party data providers who gather this type of information from public records and other sources. Please feel free to let us know if our information is out of date by contacting us at info[at]

Since your page is already up, that means you are one step closer to making the most of All Square. Purchase the Dashboard and you will be able to update your courses business details, upload pictures of your course, respond to guest reviews, and promote your business with modern online tools.

2. Maximizing your All Square Page

How to edit your listing details (email, phone number, website…)?

All Square provides you with several tools to showcase your golf course and connect you to the All Square community.

As a manager of your All Square Page, you can edit your listing’s details, including:

  • Golf course name
  • Logo
  • Cover image
  • Description
  • Nearby hotels
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Email address
  • Etc.

Get access to your Dashboard to edit all your information on All Square.
Scroll to the section « Club info ». Once on this page you can edit and/or update all the information about your golf course.

Don't forget to click "Save" after making any changes!

How to edit your cover pictures and how to create an album?

All Square listing administrators you can upload or select your course's best pictures that will appear as cover pictures on your listing. We recommend uploading high definition images.

To get started, scroll down to the Album section in the sidebar of your Dashboard.

You will then have two options:

  • Create a new album
  • Add pictures to an existing album

When you add pictures to your “Cover Pictures” album, you can set a specific image of your choice as cover picture using the dropdown arrow in the picture preview.

Don't forget to click "Save" after making any changes!

How do I remove a picture of my course?

Only an official administrator of your Dashboard can remove uploaded pictures.

Go to the Album section in the sidebar of your Dashboard and select the Album containing the image you wish to remove. Once selected you can view all the pictures in the Album, then click on the arrow to open a dropdown menu in which you will find a delete tab. Click on it to delete the image.

How do I change the hotels shown on my listing?

To change the hotels displayed on your listing, click on the Hotel section in the sidebar of your Dashboard. You will notice that 3 hotels have been selected by default. You can either choose to keep these 3 hotels or remove them by clicking the remove button.

You can now search and select the best hotels within 50 miles of your golf course. Click on the “choose this hotel” button to select a specific hotel and it will appear on your listing.

3. Engaging with golfers

A. Communication

How to invite my members to follow me on All Square?

Inviting your members to join All Square and follow your activity is simple and will allow you to leverage your community to get more online visibility and increase your incremental rounds.

Scroll down to the “Invitations” section in the sidebar of your Dashboard. You can either add email addresses one by one or upload an email list of your contacts. There are four different ways of uploading your email addresses:

  • Type them individually in the email field
  • Upload a .txt file
  • Upload an Excel file
  • Import contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook accounts

You can also add a custom message and send the invitation to your contact list.

How do I create an event?

Creating events makes great user content and allows you to engage with your members and visitors.

Here are the steps to create an event on All Square:

  • Enter your Dashboard
  • Click on the Event section in the sidebar
  • Click on “Create new event”
  • Add the relevant information about your event (i.e. start date, end date, time, title, description, etc.)
  • You can choose if your event will be private or public.
    • Private: only members and invited guests can view the event.
    • Public: the event will be publicly available to the whole All Square community.
  • Once you have entered all relevant information you can click on the “Create event” button to publish.

How do I post statuses and pictures to engage with members and followers?

Regularly posting content is key to building an engaged community of members and followers.

Enter the “status” tab on the sidebar of your Dashboard then click on “Post a status”.

You can now write a status and add a picture to go with it. Make sure to select either to share the post with your members only (private) or with your members and followers (public) depending on your needs.

Link Facebook and Twitter to All Square

The All Square Dashboard allows you to post content across multiple social media platforms. You can easily link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to All Square which will allow you to efficiently post content to all your social media pages in one click.

B. Understanding our Review System

Why reviews matter?

Did you know that over 80% of golfers choose their next course based on friend referral? Golfers will read reviews of a course prior to booking a tee time or their next trip. And, customers - especially golfers - love to talk about courses they have played or would like to play. By providing ratings and reviews about your course on All Square, the potential exists to help you drive additional traffic and sales - while also collecting key insights from golfers to help you improve your online reputation.

How can I answer reviews?

Answering reviews is very important to gain golfers loyalty. If a golfer is not satisfied with his experience at your club you should get in touch with him and understand what went wrong.

Scroll down to the “Reviews” section in the sidebar of your Dashboard. You will now be able to see all the reviews written about your course. You can easily reply to reviewers. Your reply will appear under the name of your golf club and will be public. This means that every visitor of our web or mobile platforms whether signed up or not will be able to see your reply.

How do ratings and reviews benefit my course?

Allowing golfers to share their reviews on social media platforms will create an additional buzz for courses to offer the best possible service to their members and visitors.

Reviews will help golf course managers understand what golfers want, what they value most and how to better meet their members and guests’ needs. Positive reviews and high ratings will consequently drive incremental rounds by attracting new local and international golfers. In addition, higher ratings mean that your golf course will be better positioned among our listings.

Are other companies utilizing the same rating and review system as All Square?

Yes, there are currently more than 2,000 of the world's leading brands - including 100 of the top consumer brands and manufacturers - utilizing the same rating and review system as All Square. Our rating system is based on a traditional 5 star system:

  • 1 star :     poor
  • 2 stars :   average
  • 3 stars :   good
  • 4 stars :   very good
  • 5 stars :   fabulous

Every course will have an average rating. The better your average, the higher your course will be featured among our listings.

How does my course earn reviews?

Golf courses can earn reviews by encouraging their customers to rate and review their experience on All Square following their round. Remember, you cannot submit a review for a golfer but you can offer incentives or compensation of any kind in exchange for a review. Asking your customers to visit and write an honest review of their experience at your course to be eligible for contests or other promotions is a great way to get your golfers involved.

In addition, we also help golf course managers implement a winning strategy. If you are interested in such services, feel free to email us at

Are the reviews moderated by All Square?

Yes, our team will check each review before it is published to All Square:

  • Automated profanity filtering - Reviews are not allowed to be submitted by the golfer if they contain any profanity.
  • Auto watchword filtering - We filter for additional inappropriate and potentially inappropriate terms that we have identified. If found, the review is flagged and our team is notified. We can then reject or approve the review. If a golfer continues to post inappropriate or profane content, we have the ability to black list them, so their reviews are always rejected.
  • Human moderation - All reviews that make it to the final phase are then reviewed by human moderators that look to catch any additional inappropriate and/or fake reviews.

How can I avoid getting a negative review?

While negative reviews are bound to happen - here are a few pointers to help try to avoid them:

  • Good customer service is key in order to avoid negative reviews. Encourage your course staff to make customer service a top priority. You should know that any and all golfers could write a review of their experience at your course.
  • Keep your course conditions up-to-date online. Make sure golfers are aware of any issues before they book and arrive at the course so there are no surprises.
  • Manage expectations. Ensure your club is openly communicating any potential issues with golfers once they arrive, such as delays in tee-times etc.
  • Constantly monitor your course reviews. If anything is extremely negative, but valid, respond to the golfer to make sure they know you value their opinion, and then try to amend the issue.

Remember negative reviews happen to everyone – even the world’s biggest brands receive negative reviews of their products that are then displayed on their websites. Why do they allow this? It reinforces authenticity - if every review was completely positive, it would be hard to believe the truth of it.

Can I ask All Square or a reviewer to remove a review?

In general, unless we find the content to be false, fabricated, violent or using inappropriate language All Square does not remove reviews from its website. Instead, we encourage golf course managers to answer a review, using our guidelines above.
 However, if you feel a review is fraudulent or improper, you can report it by sending an email including the reason for your dispute and any evidence you may have to privacy[at] Please note that we require a 2-day review period for decisions on disputed reviews.

How can I increase my reviews?

Interested in growing your number of ratings and reviews on All Square, but not sure how to get started? Here is your step-by-step guide to the basics.

  • Sign up – First, you will need to create your personal All Square account. Enter an email, first name, last name and password, which is easy, fast and free.
  • Encourage customers to review your golf course on All Square. As your customers come through the pro shop after their round, ask them if they enjoyed their time on the course and encourage them to visit and write a review about your club. The ratings you receive will be averaged into your overall rating.
  • Responding to reviews – both positive and negative – shows golfers that you genuinely care about their experience and are interested in their feedback. Be sure to regularly monitor what golfers are writing and interact with their comments.

If your course receives a positive review, respond by:

  • Thanking the reviewer for taking the time to share their experience. Make sure to personalize your response.

If your course receives a negative review, stick to the following steps:

  • Respond in due time. A quick response shows golfers that you really care about customer service.
  • Be professional and courteous. Keep in mind that many golfers - current or prospective - will see the response, which could alter the way they view your course. Always be polite, demonstrating that you appreciate positive and negative feedback.
  • Always focus on the positives. Highlight any positive comments made in the review and share any planned upgrades or additional services that could benefit the reviewer.
  • Utilize the outstanding reviews - We completely encourage golf course managers to use the positive ratings and reviews posted about their course on All Square in emails, marketing and other various mediums.

4. Measuring Activity & Performance

Why should my course be listed on All Square?

There are lots of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Capitalize on a growing online audience of golfers
  • Promote your golf course with a platform designed to attract new golfers
  • Get to know your customers
  • Drive more engagement and benefit from friend referrals
  • It's free, accessible and easy to use.

You can now search and select the best hotels within 50 miles of your golf course. Click on the “choose this hotel” button to select a specific hotel and it will appear on your listing.

How to view your analytics?

When you enter your Dashboard, the first thing you see are analytics and statistics of your activity and performance.

The metrics you can view are:

  • Number of members, followers, reviews, check-ins and wishes
  • Page views – in total and daily
  • See where your members and followers come from and their gender

5. Legal Matter

What information is public?

Once your course has been created on All Square, the following information is viewable to the public. Note that some elements are optional or can be edited.

  • Your basic information: Address, Country, Phone Number, Email and Website. You can edit this information by going to your account settings.
  • Logo & Pictures: Your logo and pictures are visible to the public.
  • Description: Your description is visible to the public.
  • Followers: Golfers following your club are visible to the public.
  • Reviews: Reviews are visible to the public

Can I remove my golf course from All Square?

All Square publishes golf course listing information so that golfers can search and find your course. Since the material is typically a matter of public record and public concern we do not remove information from our website.

While we understand that some golf course owners might prefer to keep a low profile, it is important and a legal right for consumers to be able to find and share helpful information.

If you need/wish to update or correct the information on your listing, please submit any changes by email to info[at] If you have access to our business tools, you will be able to update your page yourself at any time.

Can I sue All Square for a bad review?

You can always sue All Square for a bad review, but you should first get a lawyer’s advice. Any good lawyer will likely tell you that:

  • Consumer speech is protected under the law, even when it's negative
  • All Square isn't responsible for the opinions of your customers
  • Suing All Square will only draw more attention to the negative review than if you simply ignored it or get in touch with the concerned person
  • Lawsuits are extraordinarily expensive, and you may be responsible for All Square’s legal bills at the end of the case.

Does All Square ever get sued for posting negative reviews?

Freedom of speech is protected both online and offline. As a result, online reviewers are well within their rights to express their opinions and relate their true experiences.

For golf courses that want to thank a reviewer or share their side of the story, our business tools will allow managers to publicly respond to reviews and privately message users. In general, golfers really appreciate when their review is taken seriously.

Golf course managers can always reach out to us if they think that a review is false, fabricated, violent or using inappropriate language. Our team will then analyze the review under scrutiny and decide either to remove it or to accept it.

How do I report content that violates All Square’s Terms of Service?

We generally allow users to stand behind the content they post, and will only remove user-posted content if we believe it violates our Content Guidelines.

If you notice a review, post or video that may violate All Square’s guidelines, please let our team know by reporting it. Keep in mind that you'll need to be signed up with All Square and logged in to your account in order to report any inappropriate content.

All Square is a community-driven site, and removing pictures, reviews, or other user content is not something we take lightly. Our team carefully checks all reported content against our Content Guidelines, and if we believe a post is in violation of those guidelines, it will be removed and the user messaged. For any additional questions about removing of content, please contact our team at info[at]

Also, please keep in mind that we use automated software to determine which reviews to recommend to our users, so even if our moderators do not remove the review, our software may separately determine that it isn't useful or reliable enough to show to our users.

Golf course managers should also feel free to use their All Square business accounts to publicly or privately respond to any review, both positive or negative.

Is All Square responsible for content posted by its users?

We do our very best to build a community of golfers who post useful, relevant, and reliable content, but users are ultimately responsible for the things they post on All Square. If you have questions about a specific photo or review, you should report it for evaluation and consider reaching out to the golfer who posted it.

How to report a bug?

If you're running into any issue on our platform, we encourage you to first look through our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section and navigate through the different topics. There are several common issues that you may be able to resolve without assistance from the All Square Team. For any other issue, please feel free to reach out to our team by email at info[at]

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